Workplace Harassment & Sensitivity Training

The development of an overall human resources strategic training initiative is crucial in areas such as workplace harassment and discrimination. Our training sessions are highly interactive, behavior focused, and very practical. We also tailor our programs to senior management, line management and staff.

The recent US Supreme Court rulings make it clear that organizations can be liable for the supervisors’ behavior, even if they had no knowledge of that behavior. It is not enough for an organization to draft a policy against harassment. Organizations must ensure that all of their leaders are proactively working to create and lead a respectful workplace, one free from harassment and discrimination.

Why Train?
  • Harassment affects employee morale and productivity.
  • Unlawful harassment is a violation of Federal and State Law and your Corporation Policy
  • Harassment exposes both the harasser and the company to liability
  • Lawsuits take managers’ time and your Corporation’s money, both of which can be put to better use
Program Objectives
  • Learn the laws prohibiting sexual harassment.
  • Discuss the different types of sexual harassment and how to identify them
  • Understand your role in preventing sexual harassment and in creating a respectful workplace.
  • Know the steps to take to respond to a claim of sexual harassment
How do we train?

Our teaching techniques including mini lectures, videos, PowerPoint presentations, small group discussion, case studies and role-playing.

Program Materials

Each participant will receive pertinent handouts and a comprehensive manual that will be designed to facilitate learning during the training sessions by encouraging participants to follow along with the agenda and respond to interactive exercises. It also will become an ongoing reference guide after the sessions. The manual will serve as an easy-to-use guide to fair employment practices and will include a “tool-kit” for future reference.

Sample Case Study

A vendor who regularly makes deliveries to your department has become friendly with your administrative assistant. He begins to ask her to meet him for coffee, she refuses. He continues to suggest that they date each time he makes a delivery. She complains to her manager and suggests that they change vendors.

Did sexual harassment occur? In addition, what should the supervisor do?

Is this sexual harassment? Assuming the messages are unwelcome, it could be hostile environment. The messages are sexually suggestive, so the conduct is of a sexual nature. The repeated nature of the infractions creates an environment, which is intimidating, hostile or offensive. Harassment can occur with employees, vendors, and customers. A company is liable for the actions of its employees and the actions directed to their employees within the workplace.

What should the supervisor do? First, the supervisor should remind the vendor of the company’s policy prohibiting harassment and asked to have the delivery person replaced. In addition, the supervisor should contact Human Resources and make sure that the employee is comfortable with the new delivery person.

Model Sexual Harassment Forms :